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There was a Chinese knockoff Puttskee made. If it still exists, click here 

A little of what goes into The Puttskee

If I could sell Puttskees for $100, I would for sure. That's just not how the real business world works. It's priced where it is to allow us to have a location, order wood/hardware/custom shipping boxes/turf/etc in bulk so we're able to build a fully custom Puttskee from scratch in under 24 hours if needed(which happens way more than you'd think). 

To address you hobby woodworkers out there, I absolutely love that you are able to build a Puttskee on your own for cheaper than we retail. That's awesome! But, don't confuse building a Puttskee labor free in your garage with building Puttskees to sell all over the world. It's just a different game. 

If you're serious about building your own, I'm all for it and would love to help out how I can whether it's general dimensions or selling ramp parts... I do this all the time. Below is an example of someone who saw the Puttskee, built one, and shared his journey with me.

If you're serious about being able to build them super cheap and being able to sell them way cheaper than me, reach out. We'll gladly license out the IP and let you run wild and free! 

My email is Nick@ThePuttskee.com

Mark Normand

"I wanted to share my experience building a Puttskee, and how I got it to come out looking and working great. I contacted Nick at The Puttskee about two years ago telling him I would take the challenge of building one to address one followers comment about the cost to make the game. Life happens and 2 years later, I found the time.  I have limited experience building, since I do not have shop, but do enjoy learning more as I have gotten into projects, in the past. This one was no different, lots of hours, lots of working off the ground and even more staring at wood trying to make things fit. I got to try out Box joints, even though the original Puttskee does not have them incorporated in its design. My days consisted of constant set up and breakdown to get my cars in and out of the garage, as I used the floor to do my work. Not the greatest for the back, however I am working with what I have. Of the more challenging things in making this was getting that damn ramp just right and all contents to fit inside the closed box.

The Puttskee sells for $500-$600 each, which some people find to be expensive. My total cost for making my Puttskee was around $180.00, sounds like a no brainer right? However, this did not include the cost of drill bits (ball holes), blade sets (dado blades), dado guard for table saw, etc. If I could make a fair estimate of the time it took to make one, it would be in upwards of 30-35 hours, which does not include trips to Home Depot. I got lucky and used some left-over wood I had left from various things, I even got to use some hardware I had as well. Several mistakes cost me time too. Doing the box joints required 3-4 hours making a jig in itself (not included in total hour estimate).  Now 30-35 hours @ $15.00/hr you are looking at $525.00 in labor and my cost of $180.00 in hardware/wood/glue/tubes/stain/wheels.....and so on.

That is $700.00 right there, and I used inferior wood on my project. None of this accounts for tools one needs to build with, like a (fortunately, I did have) Table Saw, Circlular Saw, Bandsaw, Drills, clamps....etc. I did have to buy a cheap compressor and nail gun (not included in final price).

I still had a really good time building this game, it is fun to play and would do it all over again with better quality wood, if I had that kind of time. I impressed myself that I could get it done and have a presentable game that I am proud of."
- Mark Normand