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The Puttskee


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Just like the classic arcade game. Try to go for the 100s!

Stroke Play
Play by yourself or against others. Stroke play is golf at its most traditional. Play 9 or 18 holes(shots), add up the score, and then play again and do better!
Match Play
This is for two players. Total score doesn't matter here. Each hole(shot) matters. You want to win the hole. You want to beat the other person. Player with the most holes won is the winner. Shoot for the Eagles(2)... heck, shoot for the Hole-in-one(1). 
Best Ball
You need a teammate for this game. Or, if you want to make it more fun, two teams of two. You and your teammate each get to take a shot each hole, and the best shot between each of you is the score for the team.
The Golfskee Board teaches golf strategy in an incredible way. If you know nothing about golf, you will learn when you must go for an eagle or when par is good enough to win after just a few matches.


The Pongskee™ Jr. Board - This is beer pong for only one Puttskee. Team vs team. You and your teammate take one shot each at your side of the board (consisting of a line of four holes). Then the other team shoots at the other side of the board. If you make it in a hole, put a cap over that hole. Be the first to cover up all your holes and hit it in the smaller hole in the middle top.
Speed Up Rules
​To help speed up play, here are some optional rules which turn out to be quite fun.
Rule 1: First To Cover - The first team to cover all four of their holes gets a big advantage. Once both teams cover all their holes, each team gets 10 shots to go for the smaller hole to win. If no team gets it in the hole after all 10 shots, the team that covered their 4 holes first wins. 
Rule 2: Tag In - At any time during the game, you may tag in anyone that is around and have them hit one shot. Each team gets to do this only once.


(Meant to be used with 2 Puttskees)

1. Each player on a team hits once.
2. If a ball lands in a hole, cover the hole.
3. If both teammates make it in different holes, cover both holes and hit again.
4. If both teammates make it in the same hole, cover that hole, plus two different holes, and hit again.
5. The first team to cover all their holes, wins.
6. The losing team gets to hit one shot each until they miss. If the losing team makes it in all remaining holes, the game goes into overtime. If not, the game is over.
Overtime - Use only the bottom three holes. The first team to cover all the holes, wins.



First to 21

You must score exactly 21 to win. If you go over, your score drops to 15...   Just try to hit the 5 pointer more than once!
High Score
10 shots. Whoever gets the highest score wins.

Around the world
Make it in all the 1 zones and then the 5 hole. But, if you hit it in a 1 zone you already hit in, it negates it and you must hit it in again.